Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Still Fat...but LESS Fat

I started my twice per week workouts with my personal trainer last week. At the same time a family member had surgery and just added to the general stress of the week. I have had bleeding like my period for more than a week. Not sure if it's the start of menopause (oh joy) or just the stress combined with weight loss screwing with my hormones. I'm choosing to believe it's nothing serious. Most of the stuff I read online said not to be concerned unless it happens a lot.

Last time I weighed myself (though on my period so could have water weight) I was down 16 pounds. I bought a new scale that indicates my old scale was at least 8 pounds off (toward the heavier side) so I have to figure out the difference so I can accurately measure my losses. I've been working with my trainer for about 16 weeks, so 1 pound per week is a healthy rate of loss. I've also lost an additional 3.5 inches off my body.

Unfortunately, I do not feel like I look any different. No one has asked if I've lost weight. I guess that's because if you have a lot to lose it takes losing a lot for people to notice.

On the positive side, I can walk stairs much easier. My arms are developing some fine muscles. I am doing things I never could have done this time last year. I'm working. It's working.

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